Time to live

Many people are those who claim not to reach the end of the day with enough hours to do all their work. Those who read emails at home at the end of the day, those who check and continue working after dinner,...

Have you ever wondered if all that time you spend surfing the internet, on social networks, checking your email,... is really necessary? Is it necessary to answer an email in less than 2 or 3 hours? Is it necessary to spend hours and hours reading the Facebook timeline?

Have you tried to close everything and focus on one simple task without any other distraction?

Close your browser, your email and mute your phone. You'll see how you end up having more free time, being able to dedicate more time to your projects, your hobbies, your family, sports and even spare time.

And you still think you have little time and the reason is work?

Miguel Ángel Martín

I am a Software Engineer working remotely since 2013. I write about about technology, business and management. Subscribe to my newsletter if you want to receive them directly in your inbox.