My top 5 books of 2020

My top 5 books of 2020

Most of the books I have read during 2020 have been focus on psychology for teams. It has been a challenging year for me and I wanted to learn more about building remote teams that can work together happily and productively.

Radical Candor

radical candor cover

This book is great to learn how to bring feedback to your team and how to build a trusted relation at the same time. Being a leader doesn't mean you are always the one with more technical knowledge but probably you are one of the most experienced engineers of the team. Feedback is one of the keys to creating successful teams.

Quiet Leadership

quiet leadership cover

This is a good book if you are in a leading position. A lot of examples with real conversation making really simple to apply on your daily basis.

Scaling Teams

scaling teams cover

This book is really useful if your company wants to grow. When companies start to get traction, get customers or simply they got investment, they will start to hire more people. Scaling teams is complex. This book go through many strategies for building successful teams.

The Manager's Path

the manager's path

As the subtitle of this book, this is a guide for teach leaders, this is a must-read if you are a new manager.

Creative Selection: Inside Apple's Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve Jobs

Creative Selection cover

This is an interesting book, I have read the Steve Jobs biography in the past, and this is history written by an engineer working on the design of the iPhone during the time when Jobs was still working at Apple. So it was like to see a different point of view of the same history. If you like the Apple's history, you should read this book.

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