About Me

Hi there! Welcome to my personal website, where I write and share my thoughts.

I am a Software Engineer based in Zurich, Switzerland. Originally from the sunny south of Spain, Andalusia.

More than 7 years working remotely, I do enjoy building effective remote teams that work happily and productively together. Creating a workspace where people keep growing, work on interesting challenges, feel a real impact on what they are building and being rewarded for it.

Right now, I am working for Teamwork.com. We are building a suite of products, a Business Operating System for companies. As a Technical lead, my responsibilities are a combination of managing people and working on the technical side. I believe in the importance of creating software that solves real problems, building solutions that can easily scale in an efficient way.

Not related to technology, I love landscape photography and outdoor activities like climbing, hiking, windsurfing and skiing. You can follow my adventures on Instagram

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